the band

Fear of None is the perfect mix of the influences of the two main songwriters Paul Reyes and Jody Atreides. The lineup is comprised of the ashes of the original songwriting mastermind behind original Fear of None lineup Paul Reyes coupled with the dynamic lyrical stylings of the former front man of the band Pilgrim State Jody Atreides. The combination has yielded the bands strongest material to date. The songs are a combination of bone crushing riffs and breakdowns with melodic epic choruses that will tug at your emotions as it takes you through highs and lows. The new lineup is rounded out with Dan Sill on bass who brings an unrelenting attack on the low tones with his aggressive style of playing. Last is the Rock of the rhythm section in Jon Brick whose true attention to showmanship and metronome like accuracy can be seen in every live show where he truly wears his heart on his sleeve. Our second guitar slinger Sean Cruickshank adds his guitar stylings to the band and adds well needed thickness to the overall guitar tone of the band.





july 2009

We won the Ernie Ball Stage contest for a slot to play warped your where we rocked the same stage as In This Moment in Darien Lake NY!

October 2009

We released our debut album homeward bound and we held our record release party at Hot Topic in Hicksville NY at the Broadway mall.

june 2011

New lineup made its live debut.

july 2012

Official record release for our sophomore album Bow Down to No Man at the nutty Irishman in Farmingdale NY

october 2014

Fear of None opens for Soulfly